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Research, develop and innovate

Research constitutes the most important value of DR Healthcare, providing new innovative biofunctional products that improve the health and wellbeing of people, especially those suffering DAO deficiency

The compromise of our scientists with excellence and innovation is essential for the discovery and development of safe and effective biofunctional products to treat diseases and/or physiological disorders which is part of our therapeutic targets such as migraine and other types of cephaleas, fibromyalgia, respiratory disorders, and gastrointestinal disorders, derived from the DAO deficiency.

DR Healthcare has signed cooperation agreements with universities and scientific societies.

The scientist at DR Healthcare play a key role in all stages of the research and development process, from inception of a new research program to the regulatory approval of a new biofunctional product.

Our work uses the most advanced state of the art technologies to study the underlying mechanisms causing the pathology. This knowledge is applied to the identification, design and trial of new biofunctional products with therapeutic potential.

The R&D+I centre of DR Healthcare is based in Barcelona. The centre is responsible for the planning and implementation of research and innovation programmes in two well differentiated product lines about DAO deficiency:

1. Clinical diagnostic products related to the activity of diamine oxidase.

2. Biofunctional products for the dietary treatment of symptoms and / or chronic diseases associated with a DAO deficiency.

Research, develop and innovate

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