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Social Commitment

Social responsibility is an integral part of our daily activity

Our social commitment comes under the umbrella of "Corporate Social Responsibility", both in social and economic terms. In fact, social responsibility is an integral part of our daily work. Our mission is to contribute to society, by means of innovative medical devices, which can relieve disorders without treatment or work as a coadjuvant to a treatment, thereby improving the quality of life of patients. Therefore, our overarching strategic value is our commitment to research, development and innovation (R+D+I).

In addition to the social aspect of our own activity, DR HEALTHCARE works in conjunction with various NGOs, patient associations and institutions linked to the health sector. In particular, it collaborates with AEPAC, the Spanish Headache Patients Association. Involved actively in the promotion of research by the International Society of DAO deficiency and on the other hand, works with Global Ball, an organization that promotes the development of values through sport and whose final beneficiary is SOS Children's Villages.

Spanish Headache Patients Association (AEPAC)

DR HEALTHCARE actively collaborates with the Spanish Headache Patients Association, benefiting patients suffering from migraine and other headaches.

International Society of DAO deficiency

DR HEALTHCARE is part of the International Society of DAO Deficiency as a founding partner, which promotes the advancement whole of science and industry for the benefit of the patient society of this metabolic disorderRead more.

Global Ball - SOS Children's Villages

DR HEALTHCARE participates in Global Ball, association to promote values through sport, to benefit SOS Children's Villages. Private organization helping children, international, nonprofit, interdenominational and independent of any political orientation. Its aim is to provide children who are confident a family environment, a stable home and a solid education to give them a bright and secure future.

Social responsibility is an integral part of our daily activity

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