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Migraines and headaches have a big impact in people's quality of life and it is therefore common for the affected persons to use any medication at their reach. However, this abusive consumption of medicaments has generated a chronification of the illness.

 Dr. Feliu Titus, director of the Headache Unit of the Neurodex Medical Center According to Feliu Titus, director of the Headache Unit of the Neurodex Medical Center, one of the ways to avoid this situation is to "recover classic and basic measures that have proven their efficacy in the past". "It is not a matter of not taking any drugs-he nuances-but rather do a rational use of them" .

The power of pressure  

Along with those measures, the expert, who has given a speech in the COF in Valencia about non-pharmacological measures in migraine, highlights the efficacy of putting pressure in the temples and applying cold around that part of the head. It is indeed very frequent for a migraine crisis to start with a painful pulse at the temporal artery, whether just on one side, in both or alternating; that is why "a simple local pressure with your hands or with headbands designed for that effect can alleviate pain and in many cases that is enough for the crisis to calm without needing to use drugs". Much in the same way, applying cold, due to its vasoconstrictor properties, allows to reduce the size of the artery and thus lower the pressure. "And if the sociocultural situation allows for it -he adds- resting and getting isolated is very effective".

The specialist says, regarding those measures "you have to always apply them" and let taking drugs for the cases "where those remedies are not sufficient or if a person needs an immediate control, due to work or other responsibilities".

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