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Dr. Félix López Elorza is a biochemist with a long career in diet disorder patient care, advisor of the Labsur Laboratories and president and founder of the Andalusian Society for Food Disorders Study (SAEIA). He has been the president of the European Histamine Society. He is now working at Labsur and as biochemist at the College Hospital Virgen Macarena in Sevilla, Spain.
His wide career of more than 30 years in patient care in a specialty in-between two branches has brought Dr. López Elorza and his colleagues to detect a digestive pathology, called food-induced histaminosis, as origin of many diverse symptoms. Among them, some have neurologic etiology and are widely spread.
Some of those symptoms such as migraine and fibromyalgia are treated up to date as neurological illnesses with limited success.
The work of Dr. López Elorza and other specialists point to the DAO enzyme, which is the main histamine catabolising enzyme of the ingested histamine through food, as trigger of several disorders as those mentioned.
During the seminar, where many scientists attended including Dr. Feliu Titus, neurologist expert in migraine, Dr. Elorza told us about his experience coming from the observation and treatment of thousands of patients during several decades.
The treatment is simple, to detect the components in the diet that initiate the digestive disorder and take them out of it. The illnesses originated by food and diet have little impact still in the scientific community, but they are emerging incredibly strongly because of the overwhelming evidence in the observations.

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