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There are increasing number of new studies in the world linking histamine with migraine, which support and reinforce our research and development projects regarding DAO Deficiency and migraine; as this enzymatic deficiency is one of the main factors causing histamine accumulation in plasma.

  cephalalgiaCefhalalgia, 27th November 2013. -  Migrainous people suffering from seasonal allergy and rhinitis experience more severe headaches than people with migraine only, according to the American Migraine Prevalence and Prevention (AMPP) study, carried out by the Universities of Cincinnati (Ohio) and Yeshiva (Nueva York). The study, published last week on the digital edition of Cephalalgia, has been coordinated by Vincent Martin from Cincinnati. Among the 6,000 consulted patients, the probability of suffering headache was 33% higher in patients with rhinitis. According to the authors, this fact supports the link between allergic rhinitis and migraine. Migraine is more prevalent and disabling when suffering from rhinitis. In a previous study, it was observed that patients receiving allergy vaccines have 52% less migraine episodes than those who did not receive it.

AMPP Study was developed in USA patients with “serious” migraine. Patients matching the diagnosis criteria for migraine were identified and the presence of rhinitis was determined by ECRHS survey.

Patients with rhinitis were subdivided in three groups (patients suffering from allergic, non-allergic and mixed rhinitis). The main objective was to evaluate migraine frequency and its disabling effect, using the Migraine Disability Assessment (MIDAS).

The survey of AMPP study was sent to 17,892 people and was completed by 60.1% of the survey group. Among the sample of migrainous patients 66.8% suffered from rhinitis, being the mixed rhinitis the most common type. The presence of any type of rhinitis is frequently associated with headache. Disability resulting from headache was also associated with rhinitis.

The study concludes that both frequency and disability of migraine are higher in patients with rhinitis, particularly in those with mixed rhinitis, which proves the relation between migraine and histamine accumulation.


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