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BARCELONA, (EUROPA PRESS) The Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN) has warned in an report presented in the 63rd Annual Meeting of the society, that only three parties –PSOE, CiU and UPyD– make explicit reference to neurological diseases despite they represent the 50% of the causes of dependence.

For this reason and after analyzing the various proposals of the parties with more than 1% of votes, the SEN has claim to be one of  the priorities on the politic agenda after the elections of November 20th.

Although only three parties mention concretely the neurological diseases, almost every party has included paragraphs relating to dependence, disability and chronic and rare diseases, has underlined the SEN.

Neurological diseases represent more than 50% of the causes of disability and involve social, personal and family implications.  Consequently, the SEN claim to the creation of a National Strategy so those affected are not harmed by the crisis.

Furthermore, the society is worried and wishes crisis not to be "the excuse" to reduce the research in this field and go backwards on the advances achieved. For the SEN, the next government should define two basics directions: to elaborate an independent research plan on neurological diseases and to choose primary areas such as neurodegenerative diseases and strokes.  


Annual Meeting

In this context, the SEN celebrated the 63rd Annual Meeting (15th and 19th November 2011), in which more than 3,000 national and international experts presented their advances on neurological research.

Among the main lines of work highlight the impact of migraine, that represents the 25% of inquiries to the neurology service; the cardiovascular diseases, that affect 15 million people a year; and the recent improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of brain lymphoma.

Moreover, the congress will reveal important advances in hyperactivity disorders and the treatment of Alzheimer that affects 600,000 people inSpain, a number that will increase to a million by 2050, according the SEN.

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