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Interview to Adriana Duelo, nutritionist and expert in DAO deficiencyInterview to Adriana Duelo, Nutritionist and expert in DAO Deficiency, by Gemma Busquets of El Punt Avui newspaper

  Is it a “myth” that chocolate causes migraine? We are always being told about a list of food because patients described it, but the cause was unknown. Nutritionists do not like to talk about forbidden or recommended food because each one is different. Migraine is one of the effects caused by the accumulation of histamine in plasma.

What is histamine? Histamine is a molecule present in all food and its accumulation can trigger migraine.

Is it possible to know if I have histamine accumulation? It has been observed that 15% of western population has prevalence of

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DAO deficiency, a syndrome that can explain the origin of many of the most common digestive and neurological manifestations

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Migraine and different digestive disorders, according to several clinical studies, are symptoms caused by this enzymatic deficiency in the bowel, which affects 20% of the population

Europapress 27th March, 2014 – Experts in neurology and gastroenterology have presented the results of three clinical studies, in Infarma Madrid 2014, which suggest that Diamine Oxidase deficiency should be considered a syndrome presenting digestive manifestations (such as constipation, abdominal pain or diarrhoea) and neurological manifestations (as migraine), all of them difficult to treat up to now.

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