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    Test DAO deficiency. Although the symptoms experienced by patients are very complex in certain cases, and therefore Read More
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Migratest analyzed through a simple blood test, the level of activity of the enzyme diaminooxidasa (DAO), which is responsible for metabolizing histamine, a molecule present in varying degrees in all foods. An excess of histamine in the body can be the trigger for a migraine. With Migratest, the patient will know if you have a DAO activity decreased or normal, that is, if your body produces enough of this enzyme to properly metabolize histamine. If reduced, the excess histamine accumulates so you must take steps to minimize their effects, reducing the consumption of foods high in histamine, such as meats, fish and seafood, some cheese and citrus, among many others, and alcohol or certain medications such as pain relievers and asthma drugs, which inhibit the activity of this enzyme. 

This test can now be integrated by 48 Spanish laboratories in Europe’s largest network of clinical laboratories, Labco, such as Sabater Analysis, General Lab, Sanilab, Bioclinic, Laboser and which have more than 350 collection centers spread throughout the peninsula.

According to Marta Carrera, responsible Labco Personalized Preventive Medicine, “a high percentage of patients with migraine are not satisfied with the treatment that follows on the grounds that it is insufficient.” It adds that “Migratest provides an unprecedented solution to the treatment of migraine as to determine if this is due to reduced DAO activity and to act accordingly, attempting to limit food intake highly histamine or histamine-releasing endogenous, or restoring the deficit of this enzyme with exogenous DAO as a food supplement (see more in ”

Migratest is the result of a study conducted by the company DR Healthcare and the Department of Nutrition and Food Science, University of Barcelona, ​​which indicates that 95% of migraineurs studied has a deficit of DAO, ie does not produce this enzyme in the same amount as healthy people, which in turn causes excess histamine which can not be neutralized and ends up generating migraine. In short, what the study found that histamine is accumulated in excess in the body is triggered by a high percentage of migraines. The accumulation of histamine, which in medical terms is known as food histaminases, because, in addition to migraine is the most disabling disorders, pain disorders such as osteopathic, atopic skin or irritable bowel syndrome.

According to Dr. Carrera, “the source of the DAO enzyme deficiency should be at least three possibilities. It can be genetic. Often have close family relatives or DAO produced in insufficient quantities, explaining that a family may have several migraine. It can also be pathological in origin because of inflammatory bowel diseases, or drug-induced, ie by ingestion of certain drugs that inhibit DAO. “He adds that “this is particularly important, as they have indicated the order of 90 drugs that inhibit the activity of this enzyme.”

The relationship between migraine and DAO enzyme explains that this disease is more common in women than in men, since the activity of this enzyme is usually lower in women. It also explains that pregnant women have fewer migraine attacks and that during pregnancy the DAO activity may increase up to 500 times due to the production of this enzyme in the placenta.

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